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 Writing Checklist!

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PostSubject: Writing Checklist!   Sat Jun 20, 2009 11:04 am

Here are some great writing tips to help you before you write.

1) Make it descriptive. Instead of The path turned, put 'Suddenly, the unwinding path turned, I felt the rock hard ground on my feet' It gives more description so the reader can picture the characters .

2) Try to use the EDFM- Example Detial Feeling Method. If you ever give an example like ' She was standing over there' or something else give a detial to support it. Use a feeling if you can. New: She was standing over by the old, small, home by the cemetery. She was frightend and couldn't move. This is alot better!

3) Cliffhangers! They are a good thing to put in your story! They make the reader want to come back to your story to see what happens next! Instead of 'The vampire jumped out and sucked my blood, write 'The vampire jumped out and..... find out in the next chapter!' See how it would make you wonder what the vampire does ? See how you want to read more? That's what you want! The more cliffhangers, the better!

4) Revise your chapters! Before you post your next chapter, try re-reading it once or twice to make sure it says what you want it to say. Have someone else reread it , just to be safe.

5) Make it what you want it to be! Don't worry about mean comments.

6) Remember that criticism is GOOD! If someone suggests something that might make your story better, take it all in! It doesn't mean you have to use the advice, see what it would change in the story . The person isn't controlling your story, their just giving advice to make it better.

7) Know when to finish your story. Even if your story is going very well, eventually people might get tired of reading it, if it getsjust plain long. You would want to make your chapters longer than just a few sentences because it saves time for you and less chapters and more room!

8 ) Make an outline before you write! If you plan ahead how the chapter will go, it'll be a lot easier for you to write, and the reader to read. Planning the chapter will be easy for you so when you've thought of ideas and put them together, you can revise them after you write it, then you can type it .

9) HAVE FUN! It's your story! Get lost in your ideas! It's your time to express yourself in writing!! Don't hold back!

10) Make fun, creative titles! If you make interesting and creative titles to your stories, it'll catch the reader's eye and wonder "I wonder what this is about!" and read it, therefore giving you more readers!

11) Use punctuation! Nobody likes a story that has run-on sentences or no punctuation! ? Use quoation mark (") when a person is talking, use commas (,) to separate sentences, and obviously, put periods (.) at the end of a sentence always! If you're asking a question, write a question mark (?) and well..you should know this! Good puntuation is good and doesn't leave your reader confused.

12) Get your name out there! Try advertising in your signature. It'll let random people see that you've created a story and it might have them interested so they would start reading, and hey!

13) Don't be afraid to show someone your work, one day it could be a book! =D

14) No writing is ever bad. Yes, it can be better, but its not bad if you tried.

♥️ Kenzie
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Lil' Kinz
Lil' Kinz

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PostSubject: Re: Writing Checklist!   Fri Jul 03, 2009 9:54 am

Hello, I wrote this. I am browneyedgirl but I deleted my account so, Ya, enjoy hope it helps
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Writing Checklist!
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