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 Boy Trouble

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PostSubject: Boy Trouble   Thu Jun 03, 2010 4:42 pm

Ok so i'm DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! since i got this new hair cut LOTS of boys have been noticin' me ;)

BUT there's one:

Ugly , short, annyoning, and has a girlfriend that he doesn't like, he just has one because his parents are like "YOUR ___ YEARS OLD YOU NEED A GF SOON!" and ya

but we click
and that's what metters, he likes me, i like him , we're good friends, so.... any suggestions on how to make hime actually ADMIThe likes me to my face (he told my friends)
I'm REALLY good at "making moves" like kissing and stuff, i'm a really bold girl that way, but he's just.... idfferent


Oh Dios! Por último, me pasó a mí, el amor es justo, lo que veo =]
[Oh Gosh! It finally happened to me, love is just what i see, Nathan! YOU ROCK xD]
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Boy Trouble
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